Every Gourvitz SMT Includes:

  • HD Production

  • TV and Radio Bookings in top markets

  • Total Audience ranging from 10 million to 20 million

  • Unlimited Airchecks

  • Top Flight Studio or Satellite Truck Services

  • Message and Talent Assessment

  • Media Alert Development

  • Placement on syndicated shows such as: Coffee With America, The Daily Flash, NewsWatch

  • Set Design, Make-Up and Catering

Satellite Media Tours(SMTs)

SMTs are a simple and effective way to get your message onto TV screens and radios across the country. 

Our SMTs generally deliver over 20 bookings in top markets including: Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Diego, Denver and Los Angeles.  We have relationships with studios and satellite trucks across the country. There is nowhere in the USA that we can’t produce your SMT.

We pride ourselves on top-level production and the ability to book any tour, on any subject, with any talent, at anytime.  



  Every Gourvitz Co-Op includes:

  • Over 12 - 15,000,000 GUARANTEED Impressions

  • Mediable Talent

  • 5-6 HR + SMT/RMT

  • No more than five sponsors in each co-op.

  • Story, script and alert consultation and strategy session.

  • A guarantee of between 18 and 24 TV and radio interviews.

  • Syndicated Shows and Audio News Release (ANR) Placement.

Co-Op Satellite Media Tours

Co-Op Satellite Media Tours are an affordable and highly effective way to get your products into the news. 

Instead of footing the entire bill yourself, you can share the cost with three or four other noncompeting brands, increasing your ROI exponentially.

Great talent is the key to an effective Co-Op. We have an amazing roster of hosts, with expertise and experience in many different fields including:

Elizabeth Werner (Toys), Bill Walton (Sports), Mark Schlereth (Sports), Jamie Sorcher (Tech), Trae Bodge (Gift Ideas), Kelly Edwards (Home Improvements), Danielle Smith (Lifestyle), Stacy Cox (Beauty and Skincare), David King (Tech) and many many, more. 



Internet Media Tours (IMTs)

An industry leader in online video promotion for consumer brands, Gourvitz Communications delivers exclusive video interviews with top talent and newsmakers to the biggest websites and blogs in the nation with our pioneering Internet Media Tours (IMT).

Over the past five years we have produced over 200 branded IMTs with some of the biggest names in entertainment, including: Sofia Vergara, Kate Upton, Connie Britton, Josh Duhamel, Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Hudson, Eva Longoria, Bobby Flay, Ciara, Tim Gunn, Jerry Rice, Rob Riggle, Nick Cannon, Fergie, and many, many more.  Our interviews are featured in the editorial space of biggest online outlets in the nations, including: People , PopSugar, AOL, CBS News, Wonderwall, Bleacher Report, and Perez Hilton. Our IMTs routinely deliver UVPM of  between15 million and 100 million.

   Every Gourvitz IMT includes:

  • Studio or Remote Camera Crew Production
  • Bookings on 6-12 top-flight media outlets 
  • Message and Talent Assessment 
  • Media Alert Development 
  • Editing services and digital delivery 
  • Clip reports with links to your placements 



Watch Andy Cohen on PEOPLE

Watch Andy Cohen on PEOPLE

Watch Whitney Port on Wonderwall

Watch Whitney Port on Wonderwall

Watch Julianne Hough on Perez Hilton

Watch Julianne Hough on Perez Hilton

Watch Steph Curry on BleacherReport

Watch Steph Curry on BleacherReport

Watch Melissa Stockwell on PopSugar

Watch Melissa Stockwell on PopSugar

 Watch Skylar Astin on CBS NEWS

 Watch Skylar Astin on CBS NEWS

Watch Perry Baker on AOL

Watch Perry Baker on AOL

Radio Media Tours (RMTs)

RMTs are another great way to get your message out there. We can target any radio market or audience you want to reach.   All of our RMTs are produced via conference call. Your talent and client never have to leave the comfort of their home or office to speak to the media. We provide airchecks for every placement. Over the years, we have produced hundreds of RMTs on a wide array of subjects and clients. 


   Every Gourvitz RMTs Includes: 

  • Radio Bookings in Top Markets
  • Message and Talent Assessment
  • Media Alert Development 
  • Conference Call Services
  • Airchecks 

Every Gourvitz ANR Includes: 

  • Script Development
  • Professional Audio Recording
  • Voiceover Talent Procurement
  • Editing and Digital Delivery
  • Pitching and Placement
  • Airchecks

Audio News Release (ANR)

In the world of Broadcast PR, there are almost no guarantees. ANRs are the one exception. For less than $10,000, we can produce an ANR that is GUARANTEED to air on hundreds of stations around the country. We can target any demographic you want from Millenials to Baby Boomers. 


Every Gourvitz MNR includes:

  • 1 asset (which can be an image, an infographic, or a 30-second or less video)
  • 1 logo
  • 1 Hero design
  • Landing page
  • Unlimited word count
  • Guaranteed minimum# of 75 MILLION UVPMs
  • Final airings' report, including total# of UVPMs, individual UVPM for each online placement, total# of page views, and a comprehensive list of all online placements
  • Branded HTML

Multimedia News Releases (MNR)

MNRs are an inexpensive and easy way to get millions of impressions for your clients. An MNR is effectively a news webpage that we create that has all the information and assets for your news story or program. The page includes all of your assets including a press release, video, pictures, and logo. We pitch out your content to thousands of websites, news outlets, and blogs. They are incredibly cost effective and can cost as little as $5,000.  


If you are looking to boost to overall impressions, we also offer combined ANR/MNR packages. We guarantee over 100,000,000 impressions for the combo. It includes a fully produced :60 second ANR and MNR page. Contact us for a quote.