Every Gourvitz SMT Includes:

  • HD Production 
  • TV and Radio Bookings in top markets
  • Total Audience ranging from 10 million to 20 million
  • Unlimited Airchecks  
  • Top Flight Studio or Satellite Truck Services 
  • Message and Talent Assessment 
  • Media Alert Development 
  • Placement on syndicated shows such as: Coffee With America, The Daily Flash, NewsWatch 
  • Set Design, Make-Up and Catering 

Satellite Media Tours(SMTs)

SMTs are a simple and effective way to get your message onto TV screens and radios across the country. 

Our SMTs generally deliver over 20 bookings in top markets including: Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Diego, Denver and Los Angeles.  We have relationships with studios and satellite trucks across the country. There is nowhere in the USA that we can’t produce your SMT.

We pride ourselves on top-level production and the ability to book any tour, on any subject, with any talent, at anytime.